Best Blogging Tools For Beginners To Start A Successful Blog

Best Blogging Tools: Here are the best blogging tools for beginners, if you have decided to become your own boss and a successful blogger then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will learn about the ultimate blogging tools ever.

Blogging is an art, and a blogger is an artist. An artist always expresses his ideas through his art. That’s why it is necessary for a blogger to have epic blogging tools so that he can easily convey his message to the entire world.

This is the ultimate list and categories of blogging tools consist of rich resources, you may have seen some blogging tools before because we are going to cover the entire blogging industry all in one.

This list is a rich resource for almost all type of “bloggers”. You can also refer these blogging tools to newbie bloggers. This list is prepared by the “opinions” of some expert bloggers in the world. That is trusted by millions of other bloggers.

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Best Blogging Tools For Beginners

This ultimate list of blogging tools is specially dedicated to those who are new to blogging and just stepped in.

So, let’s Kickstart with this epic and ultimate list of blogging tools.

1. Web Hosting for Bloggers

Following is the best Hosting and Domain providing Platforms. Bluehost is the best hosting and domain name providing platform. Because it charges reasonable price I have personally use their Hosting, as creativitypassiveincome keep changing its hosting for the most better idea and experience of all top Hosting Providers and I recommend it to especially new bloggers.

Other platforms are also good but they have lots of hidden charges, that’s why I only recommend BlueHost to my online students” As we always keep checking all types of major hosting providers out there, and I have found Bluehost most beneficial Hosting with creativitypassiveincome”. I have almost got Hosting on all the top Hosting companies and I love BlueHostServices.

• BlueHost: is the best hosting and + provider at very cheap rates. I recommend you should buy “Bluehost hosting” with “Free Domain Name & Fress SSL certificate” it’s awesome.

2. Desktop Article Editors

These are some desktop article editors, now you can easily edit your blog according to the blogging market. While using this application you will thank me later.

 Open Live Writer: the awesome desktop editor for Windows OS, this blogging tools have the capability of direct publishing.

• Blog: is powerful blog editing blogging tools for mac. If you are a Mac user you can use this tool editing your article in Mac. I have personally used this tool on Mac, it’s amazing and familiar with it.

• Evernote: is the perfect blogging tools for taking notes via IOS device. Most of the times when you are blogging, there is so many stuff to handle. And usually, you forget many things. that’s why you should use Evernote app as a reminder.

3. Article Post Title

As you know in blogging if you want to excel and succeed then you have to work smart and hard both. Content on your blog is king, if your content is unique it will on the first page. These are some tool better tools for the post title.

• Advanced Marketing Institute: is the EMV (Emotional Marketing Value) checker blogging tools. As we know higher the EMV rating is, it will perform better on Mainstream and Social Media Channels.

• Tweakyourbiz: the awesome title generator, just give it a topic and it will give you multiple keywords related to your title. You can check and analyze the difficulty of a keyword.

• Upworthy Keywords Generator: the secret of many viral articles is this site, it will give you the long tail keywords. Once you got the long tail keyword it will be easy for you to compete at that keyword & drive organic traffic to your site.

• Coschedule: is marvelous, you need this one calendar to “Rule” them all. I personally use this blog post generator.

4. Content Idea generation tools

These are the best content idea generator that you will ever find. If you want to generate the idea’s for your content then these are the best tools for it.

• Buzzsumo: Enter the topic, it will give you the suggested content idea’s. This tool is widely used in blogger community for content idea generation. Bizzsumo will give the exact analysis of topic you are searching for.

• Quora: it will give you unlimited ideas for your blog content if you search in quora site search box. In addition to that, you will also experience the different question asked by the Quora community at the platform. you can take your first blog idea from those questions.

• Google trends: gives you the latest report regarding trending topic at Google with analytics. If you don’t know about google trends, then I suggest you should go and use. You can set the specific keywords in google trends and you will get the daily updated regarding that keyword daily.

• Hubspot: is the topic generator site, it is also a better choice to use HubSpot, as everyone has their own taste of using different tools. I personally use multiple tools to generate the topic or keyword. And sometimes I use all of them.

5. Proof Reading tools

When we write our article most of the time we make mistakes, due to lack of not having knowledge of parts of speech or words. But don’t worry we have the solution for it. Below are the tools that will take care of your words spelling and sentence. After using these tools you will thank me later because it will work as a backbone for your article.

• Grammarly: is the google chrome extension to improve your English, and writing skill, once you install this chrome extension on your browser you will notice that it will underline the mistakes. I love this tool it changed my life if you haven’t this tool, I insist download Grammarly extension right know and thanks me later.

• Hemingway app: is another English improving blogging tools, as I told you about Grammarly in the previous paragraph. Both applications have the same specs, only the names are different.

6. Stock images For Blog

When we start blogging the major problem that mostly arises with newbie bloggers is that they can’t find the images for their content. And if they copy or use someone else property that can be sued. So, to overcome this problem you can use these platforms to buy quality images for your blog post.

• Flicker: Join flicker for advanced search, it has a creative commons license and I personally love to use it.

• Shutterstock: It is almost world largest “paid” Stock photography site. In Shutterstock, you can buy quality images, graphic designs, and anything you need.

7. Royalty Free Stock Images For Blog

If you don’t want to pay for images that you use in your content. So, don’t worry here are the sites that will provide royalty free images. Royalty free images mean the images that you use without any terms and conditions. There are a number of websites providing you free images for your content, and here are 3 famous sites.

Note: These sites offer “free” images, but in few sections, images are offered by Shutterstock, which is paid stock blogging tools.

• Pixabay: is a wonderful resource for royalty free images. But few images are Shutterstock.

• Pexels: is another royalty free images site.

unsplashis another royalty free images site, I personally use both of them.

8. Blog Reading

• Pocket: is an application and web service for managing a reading list.

• Feedly: a news aggregator app, register your self and find a blogging topic.

9. Application for Recording Image, Video / Editing of Desktop

When you jump into blogging, there is a number of some basic tools that you will be carrying with you forever. For example: if you are making any tutorial so must need a screen recorder to capture it. And if you to rank your video on youtube so must need TubeByddy to explore your rivals keywords and tags. Same is the case with audio recorder and images editor.

• Camtasia: is a software and blogging tools, it directly records your desktop, Laptop screen and makes a complete video of your every moment, people mostly use it for making online tutorials.

• TubeBuddy: is a chrome extension for those who run YouTube channels, with the help of Tube Buddy blogging tools you can easily improve your channel traffic, it also shows you what tags other YouTubers are using in their video’s.

• Audacity: is the useful tool for audio recording and podcast.

• Snagit: is one of the best and recommended blogging tools for newbie and professional Bloggers. It is used in editing images/ video’s for mac and windows OS.

12. Keyword Research

Although there are dozens of keyword research tool. And the father of these all tools is ahrefs, it is a paid tool and provide 100% organic long tail keywords that your competitor is using. But if you don’t want to pay money for that then we have these best free alternatives to ahrefs.

• Ubersuggest: is one of the best keyword research blogging tools, when you enter a    topic it gives the complete information of that keyword, from volume to competition at that particular keyword. It blogging tools also provide the list suggested keyword with low difficulties which you can export to excel sheet.

• KWFINDER: is one of the keyword research blogging tools, which is helpful in increasing website traffic. While keyword research in KW Finder it shows the number of the difficulty of a keyword from to 1 to 100.

• Google Keyword Planner is easy to use and free of cost keyword research.

• Semrush: is an all on one of marketing blogging tools. its a professional keyword research.

• Long Tail Pro: is best for desktop (MAC and Window) keyword research blogging tools.

13. Blog Monetization

When the traffic on your website is booming up. You can monetize your blog and earn money from it. I suggest you go to Google Adsense because it has the best CPC. Generally, when you apply for Google Adsense program, it is necessary to have per month 10,000 traffic at your site.

• Google Adsense: The perfect advertising network, it is really easy to manage and pays on time. I personally prefer Adsense monetization.

• Propellerads: in my opinion, it is the best alternative to Google Adsense.

• Viglink: Its perfect platform for those whom article look alike e-commerce or love to write about e-commerce.

• Infolinks: info links have ADS powered by intent. and have unique ad intent, triggered by intent.

• You can earn from this site by sharing social media sharing button on your blog. They pay per CPM.

14. Affiliate Marketplace for Affiliate Bloggers

Affiliate is another advertising program but here you get commission per sale. You have to set the Affiliate link in between of your blog when the user will land on your site and if he did a purchase through your link you will get a commission.

• Click Bank: it is famous affiliate marketing platform for affiliate bloggers.

• Peerfly: One of the great platform for affiliate opportunities.

• Shareasale: Another affiliate program with dozens of marketing programs.

• commission junction: CJ is one of the oldest Affiliate Marketing blogging tools. With great opportunities.

15. Email Marketing

As the name shows that you have to follow the email marketing approach in this program. Generally, the people gather emails from people and then promote the products.

• Convertkit: perfect mail marketing for pro-bloggers. Offering email automation.

• Feedburner: feed burner provided by Google that offers free service which let you optimize your blog feed.

• Getresponse: is one of the popular blogging tools among all top bloggers, because for email marketing it offers 30 days free trial. Which is really awesome.

16. Landing page Tool for WordPress

Landing pages tools are the backbone of blogging. You can make landing pages to gather email. Once your website is maid you can easily place the landing page of the user, the user will land and enter their email address to get in the website. This perfect technique used by Affiliate marketers.

• Leadpages: is a site of blogging tools where a small business meet a big growth. It is the most trusted landing pages tool for WordPress users.

• Optimizepress: it is also blogging tools which offer wp plugin and themes. Also very popular among pro-bloggers.

17. Outsourcing Websites

Well, outsourcing websites are the best way to hire people per hour or the project base. if you are alone and no one is there to help you then can move ahead for freelancing websites. Initially, when I was started out blogging I hired freelancers to get my job done.

• Upwork: is the best online outsource platform, you will find any kind of freelancer here. I don’t have any writer with you don’t worry you can the best blog writer.

• Freelancer is the biggest site of the online outsourcing there no bigger platform then freelancer. In addition to that, it is a costly site too. I will not recommend this to you in the initial stage.

• Fiverr: It is also another best site for freelancing. They also have every kind of freelancing labor. The cost of work is reasonable and you can hire from here.

• Peopleperhour: is an also good platform the cost per hour is satisfactory. I have personally experienced it the freelancer is good and productive.

• Prestoexperts:  Well this the perfect site for beginners, you are a newbie then you should visit this site. Their rates are perfect and the freelancer is very supportive. You can say that it is the cheapest site of freelancing in the world.

18. Social Media Tools

Social media tools will help you to control your social media channel from a single dashboard on your computer. You just have to collect all your pages and channels and put in one application. And then you ready to operate them with a single click.

• Socialpilot: the Social pilot is the best platform for IOS user as its support. They also support facebook, you can easily manage it from the dashboard But the only drawback is that they don’t provide service to google plus.

• Clicktotweet: is the best managing application for the tweeter. You can easily manage your tweeter account and set a single click to your tweet. It will make your tweeter life much easier and you will thanks me later.

• Postplanner: is the best manager for managing your posts. If you this manager I bet you will rock the facebook post settings.

• Agorapulse: it is the best app of for social media really enjoying it a lot must use it.

• HootSuite: Is another social media managing app, this application is basically for social media channels. You can cover all your channel from one dashboard.

 Buffer: is the perfect platform for social media management, it will control anything which you want to control in daily life.

Share our blogging tools research with your friends around you, and make our countless hour’s effort for blogging tools countable. Thank you!